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Title:Weird shit happening at my backyard
Genre:Experimental, Industrial Electronic
Comment:I dunno what genre this is supposed to be.
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Simon Logic:   Good

Great tekkonid-electronic tune but short enough. I like that. But a scratching instrument at the end of listeninig goes me nuts a little bit. PS. I have a feeling that this song was inspired by Bugs In My Head by Necros :)

d.j. nuukkinkold:   Average

the lead was a bit over pitched for my liking. however i did groove on the percusion. real nice variety with the rythm lines, sonething i feel is overlooked sometimes. maybe instead of such a piercing lead go with a cool stab or trick lfo'd square wave. i also liked the key changes, that help to keep it interesting. i think if you went back into it and changed the lead to something more tolerable you'd really have a nice finished sound...
realy dug on the rythm lines though, nice variety...

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