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Genre:Easy Listening, Hip Hop
Comment:the mood of mind
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ZetesisAA:   Can do better

Hmm.. several bad things in this song..
First of all, i dunno which speakers you use to hear the sound, because it is very very loud, create distortion.
You put the bassdrum on 3 trax: 0-18-19
and the mix is too high! I wonder you have not heard the result. Which speakers do u use? Maybe you have composed this song in headphones? First bad thing: mix is not balanced!
Second bad thing: the samples you have choosen for this song dont fit very well together,
bassdrum and cymbal_crash are not made to stay together. Seems the cymbal is for trance music.
When you start filling a track with a sample, ensure to chose samples that can be mixed
well with the first sample used, and so on... For example, you may start with a bassline?
Well, find a bassdrum that fits the bass. Find a cymbal that works well with bassdrum and bass ecc.. Listen to musics to have mixing landmarks. Other bad things... the overall sound is to flat, no use of track FX neither of reverb. Use reverb to give deepness to your tracks.
Song's theme is repetitive, really no fantasy here. Well, seems you are into tracking since
not more 1, max 2 months. If I supposed right, there is nothing grievous in the song, just you have to continue practicing... Follow these short suggestions and next mod will be better! Catch ya soon,

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