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Title:Circus world
Author:Tonio & Synop
Genre:Hip Hop/Rap, Rap
Size:1900 KB

Inge:   Good

A nice attempt to make a hiphop/folk crossover (such as Manau - La tribu de Dana). Good flow and interesting melodies. Scratches also add up to the overall flow and hiphop-experience.

The overall track could definately use some spicing up though. The beats need some more dirt and impact, and a firm bassline is missing.

The raps are a point of some concern. The main voice itself isn't the typical 'cool nigger with an attitude' thing, but it is definately worth listening to. The amount of 60's slapback-echo makes the vocal sometimes garbled and incomprehensible. Furthermore, using multiple vocals also interferes with the comprehension. Some proper mastering on the vocals (to give it a more commercial radiosound) would do miracles for its impact and clarity.

Overall a good track. I would like to hear more from Tonio & Synop.

cHiEfRoCkA 4 ReaL:   Good

I like that Beat a lot!!!!!

Really cool....nice Flow!

But the vocals need to be mastered better, even I like the Raps.

Scratches are cool as well.

All in all a nice Track....would love to hear more...


Camron:   Good

Nice track, Just wish it was in a language i could understand :P

The really track reflects your effort put in it, but a more upbeat bass track, and more convincing leads could be used.
Overall, its a very smooth track. Itd be nice to see what you can do with sum synths!

Im all about the rap back here. Keep it up!

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