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Title:I Do
Author:Krampe's KrÝniker
Genre:Jazz Fusion
Comment:What can I say? Zloty?
Size:642 KB

Stuart Elliot:   Can do better

Right first off, I never usually review anyone else tracks that has always been my rule so, this is the first time I have ever reviewed anything.

What made me review this particular track you might add? Well, put it quit simply I was not impressed with this at all. I understand what you are trying to do here and at first glance, this would have been ok.

I donít want to sound harsh, but the samples do sound poppy in some places of the track(Espically,right near the end!). Im no expert either on keeping samples top notch but this one is really bad to be honest, come on Iím sure you can do better...!;)

Way, way too long for my liking. If a track is going to keep me interested that long, it needs to be moving
for me not make me fall asleep or start skipping to the end of the track.

Never give up keep making tracks, Im sure Ill be back to see how you are doing next time round....;)

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