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Title:In Your Arms
Genre:Breakbeat/Breaks, Urban/R&B
Comment:Nice Change From 4x4 beats :) This Is Nice :P
Size:6500 KB

Carbon:   Very good

Now here is a little treat.

A well constructed and produced sound, giving a good comercial feel flows smoothly from start to finish giving an instant "i want to listen to it again" feeling.

The beats are nicely arranged in a unique groove and the sound is padded well with the perfect ingridient of stings and background chords.

Even though the song contains only a 1 bar phrase, which again suits the task beautifuly, it is just enough to hear the tune finished nicely.

If stormboy/em22 were to add a more complex verse/chorus & a little tiny amount of tweaking - i wouldnt be surprised to see the tune a potentially good comercial track.

Hat goes off to you, shame you wrote it with a cracked madtracker?

Excelent work,
Simon alias Carbon

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