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Title:the balkan blues
Author:sonic / destiny
Genre:World Traditions, Symphonic Comedy
Comment:had a lot of fun making this :) actually won biz'99 music compo
Size:700 KB

Inge:   Bad

Sounds like: your gypsy family coming over at night with their entire rack of instruments.

This song apparently is already five years old (the parameter message tells that it's a bizarre'99 music entry), but has survived time without any problems.

This song simply is one of those few great tracks that combine a massively catchy tune, transparant production, and a very good operationalization of the main idea. I think you can easily listen for 24 hours to this track without getting too agitated, and it would therefore make an excellent backgroundmusic for a computergame.

The only downside is that it seems to be a FastTracker 2 song which was imported into MadTracker, after which one stereo delay FX was added. It tends too sound a bit too 'l33t-mid80's-scene-alike' in my ears. It's not a crime to to use resonant filters and reverb, Sonic/Destiny!


[I'll pay good money for anyone making a decent Nu-Tone alike drum 'n bass track of this song btw ;)]

Beth:   Bad

This is a great song!
I agree, this would make a good song for a video game. That's what I thought of the first time I heard it. It reminds me of final fantasy for some reason. I love this song to death.

tomas haskell:   Bad

i like ti, because its different. And its happy.

you can do more songs... :)

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