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Author:DJ Shakesphere
Genre:Goa, Trance
Comment:Goa Trance
Size:1536 KB

Enigmatic Statement:   Can do better

Simplistic and monotone song which needs more sound. The intro drags on for to long without too much happening. Monotony does not need to be a bad thing, but you've got to be good and creative to avoid the audience tuning out and lose interrest. Before releasing an eight minute song, you got to make sure that no elements repeats itself too many times without any changes in the setup/structure/sound etc. Effects, instrument-change, introduction of new percs, creative use of the track-effects and effect-commands can take a monotone song pretty far. The first thing you need to do is either use the instruments you already got more, or select some more stuffs to be used in your song. Then start playing with the sea of features this great tracker's got. This song is too empty and lacks depth. No underlying basslines or background noise to get involved with.

The song is way to long and unispired to enjoy.

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