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Author:H. Kiviluoto vs. H.-P. Schütt
Genre:Experimental, Minimal
Comment:Dedicated to the city of Turku, Finland
Size:1375 KB

K.os:   Can do better

This one is hard to review. The song is extremely repetitive and monotonous. Now, if this was Trance or Hip-Hop or even Rock, that would be a big problem. But this is minimal experimental ambient. Some would even say it's supposed to be repetitive & monotonous. (Listen to some of Brian Eno's work...;)) I have to say, even though there are only 6 samples in this song (and two, #03 & #0A are of the same instrument), even though the technical aspect of the module is extremely simple, this is interesting stuff.There is a "chilled", "icy" ambiance to this song that is very well done. For optimal enjoyment, listen to it on earphones, with your eyes closed.


This is an interesting experiment, but once it was over, I foud myself thinking "and..." What I mean is that it doesn't sound "finished". Experimental ambient tracks usually last longuer that 4 minutes & there is a reason for that: Once you have set up an ambiance you need to "do something" with it. Think of it as telling a story: You have set up the stage & introduced some actors, now something needs to happen.

*-) K.os

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