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Title:First snow falling v3
Genre:Electronic, Ambient
Size:2400 KB

QBical:   Very good

Well, it's been awile since the snow first fell on my shoulders this winter here in the NL of B(enelux) but this track seems to catch the feeling right.

The start a nice soundscape wich reminds me of cycling on the dykes ( no, there weren't any windmills around ; ) all my warm clothing on and still being cold.
You look at the big clouds in the sky, some are light some are dark.

The whole beginning of the tune reminds me of this.

Then the end of the tune gives me the feeling of snow on your skin, with some great synth sound, realy wicked.

The whole track has an sort of Boards of Canada / ambient sessions 85-92 ambiance over it, great!

But allas, the track is so short!, I want a longer version!!! ;)

But besides that, it's just a perfect track!


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