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Title:Find my heart (Original mix)
Genre:Progressive Trance, Melodic Trance
Comment:9:43 minutes of what I would call nice music =)
Size:3240 KB

Smirnoff:   Very good

Well, the first 3 mins went by slow, but when the song started to rebuild, with the piano-part (which i found to be very relaxing, almost chilly), i was kinda surprised when the song ended!
But still i feel something missing...

Your drums are nice, with the echo and panning, but you could try some variations in there...
The title is "Find my heart", and the piano actually implies "Please do find it".
I would do something extra with the piano's (and change the baseline to accompany it) to make the song say at the end: "You found it."
But hell: please make more songs like this!

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