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Title:The Saga
Genre:Drum N' Bass, Ambient
Comment:Ambient D&B track with a story to tell
Size:1437 KB

DJ Tox:   Average

I really enjoy the feeling you created on this song. You have an excellent drum setup too (i thought that it was a standard loop in the first place). Nice clear samples give a good feeling. But this song is missing something. Maybe a strong melody, or some FX tricks, cause it seems that don't you use the possibilities Madtracker has. A great start, but sadly there is not too much change in this song. I hope you can use this review,


D'mitri:   Average

It's a euphoric sound that's speaks the beginning of spring/summer. At least that's what I feel when I hear it. Love the strings

Pointless:   Very good

In my opinion it's one of the greatest tracks I have downloaded and listened so far. The panning effect which comes twice in the middle of the track is something special and the melody realy overwhelms you while listening. I think low frequences of the track (bass and beats) could be more loader, but overall it's almost perfect.

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