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Title:Dreams for Tomorrow
Genre:Dance, Romantic
Comment:MT2 compo entry. Romantic "Natural dream" song with lyrics.
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DJ Tox:   Average

This song reminds me of the game Dune. The instruments are pretty much the same. The song creates a nice feeling, but not more than that. It offers nothings special. Maybe a bit variation in the tune would make this song nicer for the ear, because it is a bit boring now. Try to put some surprising effects in this song, maybe it works?

Bjorn:   Very good

In my opinion this song is one of the better I've heard browsing the downloads.

Sure, the vocal part need ALOT of work, and brings the song down completely. You can't sing! (And don't play the same melody you are singing with the lead. The lead should complement the vocal, not compete)

But apart from the vocals, the song is good! You have a nice melody, and good buildup, nice instruments and good mixing. The song starts right away without pattern upon pattern with a lone bassdrum.

With a reworked vocal line, this could be played on radio without sounding too out of place. It's actually a song, not elevator-jam like many other tunes in here.

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