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 pHATmatik PRO by Glaresoft 2/5   Add a comment 

pHATmatik PROpHATmatik PRO is the first tool of its kind that can effortlessly play back any loop locked to tempo in your host environment. No more artificial impediments to creativity: pHATmatik PRO puts you in control. Use loops at any tempo, in any key, instantly from within your digital audio workstation. No more switching back and forth between unreliable tools and dealing with confusing, proprietary file formats. pHATmatik PRO loads any loop in industry-standard wav or aiff format, and supports import of ACID-ized wav files. pHATmatik PRO works for the musician, not the other way around.

Price: €149.50
Difficulty: medium CPU: medium 
 pHATmatik by Glaresoft Rate it! Rate  Add a comment 

pHATmatikpHATmatik can load REX files (type 1 only) created by Propllerheads ReCycle, or .pHAT files (you’ll just have to wait and see). Each slice of the REX file is essentially a sample in pHATmatik, allowing you to trigger individual transients from the original loop via MIDI note-on messages.
pHATmatik can also extract the MIDI timing information from the REX file and save it to a Standard Midi File for import into your VSTi host.

Price: Free
Difficulty: easy CPU: low 
Showing plugins 1-2 (2 found)

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