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 Clavia Lab by Simple-Media 0/5   Add a comment 

Clavia LabIf you need an electric piano but are looking for something more than the usual Rhodes or Whurlitzer clone, then Clavia Lab is the instrument for you.

This is a hybrid analog/physical model using experimental techniques to create the complex changing harmonic content of an electric piano. Features include:

Price: Free
Difficulty: easy CPU: high 
 String Thing by Simple-Media 2/5   Add a comment 

String ThingString Thing is a plucked string based on 'Karplus Strong' algorithm with advanced controls and filtering to create a more natural tone.

Features include:
* Controls over plucking.
* Variable bandwidth filter.
* Modulation (MIDI CC).
* Various controls for tonal quality.
* Reasonable CPU load.

Price: Free
Difficulty: easy CPU: medium 
 Spook Keys by Simple-Media Rate it! Rate  Add a comment 

Spook KeysDesigned to re-create the sound of a 'Theramin' and offering control either using a MIDI keyboard or using the mouse to drag the glowing spot across the 'chart' for more authentic 'Theramin' style play. Spook Keys also includes the following features:

* sine, sawtooth, triangle and pulse waves
* variable key in and out response
* variable LFO for vibrato and tremolo
* pan, chorus (detuning), stereo spread and glide controls
* filtered, ping-pong, stereo delay.

Price: Free
Difficulty: easy CPU: low 
 The Shepherd by Simple-Media Rate it! Rate  Add a comment 

The ShepherdKill Bill has a tune in its soundtrack by Ennio Morricone featuring a haunting and evocative whistling. This 'mini-synth' is designed solely to re-create that sound - just add reverb. This shepherd likes to whistle while he works. Features include:

* very little really
* just enough control over sound
* just enough control over play.

Price: Free
Difficulty: easy CPU: low 
Showing plugins 1-4 (4 found)

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