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 Mercury-1 by TC|Works Rate it! Rate  Add a comment 

Mercury-1* Monophonic Virtual Analogue Synthesizer
* 4x multitimbral
* 2 Oscillators plus Sub Oscillator
* Sine, Saw Tooth, Triangle, Square and Pulse Waves
* Pulse Width Modulation
* Noise Generator for Oscillator 1 (White Noise)
* Oscillator Sync & Ring Modulation
* 24 dB/Octave Low Pass Filter (4 pole) with Resonance
* Two Envelope Generators
* Extensive Modulation possibilities (MIDI assignable)
* LFO with Sine, Saw Tooth, Square and Sample & Hold
* LFO synchronizable via MIDI
* TC SoftSat™ drive for analogue sounding distortion

Difficulty: medium CPU: medium 
Showing plugins 1-1 (1 found)

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