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 AskaSwitch by Aska Rate it! Rate  Add a comment 

AskaSwitchAskaSwitch(v1.11) has two wave tables. This is for BASS.

Price: Free
Difficulty: medium CPU: medium 
 Bass Line by EVM 3.3333/5   Add/View comments (1) 

Bass LineEVM Bassline is a "WaveSample Bass Player".


* Multi-mode filter with resonance.
* Envelope trigger/gating.
* Monophonic/Duophonic mode.
* Adjustable glide.

Price: Free
Difficulty: easy CPU: low 
 Bassline by EVM Rate it! Rate  Add a comment 

BasslineBassline synthesizer with the following features:

*Multimode filter with resonance
*Envelope trigger/gating
*Monophonic/Duophonic modes
*Variable glide

Price: Free
Difficulty: easy CPU: low 
 BB303i2 by buzzroom 2/5   Add/View comments (2) 

BB303i2You can create some very rich synth basses with this one.

* OSC: 6waveforms, FM, Unison, Unison Detune.
* 6Filtertypes(12/24dB), 2Resonancetypes, Filter EG.
* LFO(BPM Synced / Manual) for Filter Freq Mod.
* Amplifier EG, Bottom Booster, Portamento.
* Monophonic.
* MIDI automation.

Price: Free
Difficulty: easy CPU: low 
 Beast by reFX Rate it! Rate  Add a comment 

BeastThis monophonic lead/bass-synth screams like there is no tomorrow. The distortion, delay and reverb make sure it is heard throughout the whole jungle.

Four oscillators are fed into two filter-units, two distortions and then into the basis-panner.

Price: €29.99
Difficulty: medium CPU: medium 
 creakbox bassline demo by bioroid 3/5   Add a comment 

creakbox bassline demoCreakbox Bassline is a mono synth with a built in sequencer. It has a 5 octave range and sounds very much like a killer little box many try to duplicate.

Price: Free
Difficulty: medium CPU: medium 
 Phat Bass by Dream Vortex Studio Rate it! Rate  Add a comment 

Phat BassThis is good for producing those rich deep basses of the 70's analogue synths, There are two ramp wave oscillators and a detune slider that simultaneously sharpens one oscillator and flattens the other to get a fat sound.

Price: Free
Difficulty: easy CPU: low 
 ppd Tritium by ppd0/5   Add/View comments (1) 

ppd Tritium * 32-Bit Oscillator
* Saw and Pulse waveforms
* 4 voice polyphonic (When in polymode)
* High & Low pass filters
* Cutoff, Resonance, EnvMod, Decay, Accent, and Tune controls
* Slide mode
* Mono/Poly Mode
* Full MIDI control for every parameter

Difficulty: easy CPU: low 
 TauPro by Muon Rate it! Rate  Add a comment 

TauProThe Muon Tau Pro is bursting with character and individuality, packing everything you need to create storming lead riffs and basslines.

We’ve taken the classic monosynth design of the Tau, added a second oscillator, PWM, sync, ring modulation and a fantastic effects engine to bring it bang up to date.

Price: €35.00
Difficulty: easy CPU: low 
 TBL by reFX Rate it! Rate  Add a comment 

TBLMultitimbral Bassline synthesizer with very low cpu usage.

* Monophonic
* VCO (Pure Triangle, Dirty Saw, Pure Saw, Pure Square, Dirty Square) - Morphable
* VCF (LPF 12 db/octave)
* AD Envelope Generator
* Accent, Portamento(Glide), & Distortion
* 4 part multi-timbral
* Full MIDI control of all parameters
* All parameter saved with song
* Very low CPU consumption
* Sample accurate timing

Price: Free
Difficulty: easy CPU: low 
Showing plugins 1-10 (10 found)

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