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reViSiTreViSiT inherits and extends the fast and powerful interface of Impulse Tracker 2 - allowing everything to be done with but few strokes of the PC keyboard, but adding an enlarged and graphical interface with intuitive and flexible mouse support. (*excluding mouse support)

Like all trackers, reViSiT is able to playback by itself. However, because reViSiT is coded as a VST plug-in, it can receive time code from its host and thus synchronise is playback: use a sequencer's transport bar to start playback or move the sequencer's playback cursor to a specific bar or note and reViSiT will adapt automatically. reViSiT will also be able to adapt to time signature and tempo changes. (*time signature not yet implemented)

Price: Free
Difficulty: medium CPU: medium 
Showing plugins 1-1 (1 found)

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