MT2 Compo


July 2007 First remix compo  Rules  Results  Ranking
May 2006 Fourth compo  Rules  Results  Ranking
July 2004 Third compo  Rules  Results  Ranking
March 2003 Second compo  Rules  Results  Ranking
2002-11-03 Those were the days  Rules  Results  Ranking
2002-10-27 I'm Bach  Rules  Results  Ranking
2002-10-20 Falcon Extra Brew  Rules  Results  Ranking
2002-10-05 As Cold As Ice (Remix)  Rules  Results  Ranking
2002-06-16 Game Over  Rules  Results  Ranking
2002-06-09 Industrial Compo  Rules  Results  Ranking
2002-06-02 What's next?  Rules  Results  Ranking
2002-05-26 In the pool  Rules  Results  Ranking
2002-05-19 Proggiental  Rules  Results  Ranking
2002-05-12 Cheese doodle  Rules  Results  Ranking
2002-05-05 Nighty night  Rules  Results  Ranking
2002-04-28 Lucky Star  Rules  Results  Ranking
2002-04-21 Blended Genres  Rules  Results  Ranking
2002-04-14 Sexual  Rules  Results  Ranking
2002-04-07 MacGyver Compo 1  Rules  Results  Ranking
2002-03-31 Back to synths  Rules  Results  Ranking
2002-03-29 Surprise Compo (Censored theme :))  Results
2002-03-24 House Party  Rules  Results  Ranking
2002-03-17 Progg turn rocks!  Rules  Results  Ranking
2002-03-10 Vintage Underground  Rules  Results  Ranking
2002-03-03 Inspiration  Rules  Results  Ranking
2002-02-24 Ambient Sounds  Rules  Results  Ranking
2002-02-17 Tribal Challenge  Rules  Results  Ranking
2002-02-10 Back to the roots  Rules  Results  Ranking
2002-02-03 We need synths after all!  Rules  Results  Ranking
2002-01-13 Who needs synths anyway?  Rules  Results  Ranking
December 2001 First compo  Rules  Results  Ranking

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