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2004 Feedback
 18. Winter Voyage
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Joined: 05 Feb 2004
Location: Ukraine,Lviv
PostPosted: Sun Jul 11 2004 22:08    
18. Winter Voyage
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Title: Winter Voyage
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MadTracker Author

Joined: 16 Apr 2003
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 12 2004 09:13    
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IRC Feedback wrote:
<c-frog> congrats meelena..
<QBical> congrats meelena!
<c-frog> soft tune!
<BeatMax> nice meelena!
<xiphiuz> congrats meel!
<xiphiuz> nice
<QBical> great flute sample!
<PatGroove> very nice
<Chronos77> very tough competition this year!
* mikx clap clap
<Toffe> tumbs up
<Isio> Mhhhhh ! Sounds really... nice.
<Jesse> I like it
<jumb0s> happy tune
<c-frog> this was really nice
<BeatMax> very nice
<Inge> made me think of the theme of alf. or am I the only one with that association?
<MyztiQue> girl-power!
<Toffe> with some velocity change in the piano it would be even sweeter
<mikx> toffe i was about to say the same
<c-frog> the piano is a bit undynamic
<mikx> maybe soften it up a little
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